© Javiera González Zarzar                                

Under the sparkling roof of Zirkus Mond, Heart Chor tells the story of
embarking on new adventures to find your place, daring to question eternal truths,
onfronting fears and embracing self-love.


© Carsten Rogall

A story about the power of friendship and community,
produced with the magic of true cheesy love.


© Billie Moeller

In collaboration with Oh My Choir, Das Friedel, Diva D'Lucious, Lívia Delgado,
Filip Süt Rutkowski, Marcela Donato, Felix Braam, Yanina Lombardi,
Jesper Niemann, Gigi L’Orafo, Denis Altschul.

Video: Rita Couto (Film), Markus S Fiedler (Edit), Denis Altschul (Audio)   



Directed by Danilo Timm

Powered by Heart Chor
Movement Director: Lívia Delgado
Head of Production: Zazie Elyne
Costumes: Markus S Fiedler, Andi Richter, Lisa Wahl
Design: Katrina Günther