"If you could visit someone's mind - what would you do? 
What, if you could visit a collective's mind - and play with it?" 
– Danilo Timm


              Oh hello, good to see you! We are honored to welcome you as an inclusive member of the Heart's Club. 
Please take off your coat and your daily distress and follow me to the bar. 
Watch your step, someone left their shablam on the floor. Let me pick it up, I'm sure they're already looking for it!
Ah, here's a popcorn for you. From the cutie at the bar.
Would you like a mic? You look fabulous tonight!
Now, off you dance!
Enjoy the night!
╰( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ──☆*:・゚ 

Heart's Club is an experience by Heart Chor. We see in every voice a singer, in every move a dancer, in everyone a star. Everyone who believes in inclusivity, non-binarity, acceptance and trust in friendship and love is member of Heart's Club.


18/04 Heart's Club at Beate Uwe
22/02 Heart's Club Varieté at 🔥 casino 🔥
15/02 - Heart's Club presents KaosKaraoke at 🔥 casino 🔥
18/01 - Heart's Club at Beate Uwe