with Aquafaba

amamos-te com todo o nosso coração

Heart Chor regularly collaborates with the uprising band AQUAFABA. Over the years, Heart Chor and its members performed in various music videos, in concerts as opening acts and in recordings as backing vocals.


About Aquafaba

AQUAFABA is an experience. With Southamerican roots and worldwide leaves, the band led by Cristobal Rey and Danilo Timm mixes folk, psychedelic rock and jazz, within a freestyle flow. Our music is knitted with love, world matters and our own personal challenges. They sing about ordinary people crossing our paths, teaching us something and making a change. World Rhythms with a “Berliner” twist converging with delicate arrangements to open people’s hearts towards emotions and dance. Fluid like water, rooted like beans. They sprout in every concert.


Picture by Franziska Brodhun

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