The Encounter

Alien Anthropologist

An interactive pop-up performance that invites the audience to question and explore what it means to be human. 

The immersive theatrical experience draws the audience into a surreal and absurd world that sparks self-reflection, wonder and curiosity surrounding the human species.


Alien Anthropologists have landed on a foreign planet and are trying to figure out what species inhabits the place. By using elaborate anthropological methodologies such as participatory observation, in-depth interviews and collection of objects, the aliens gather information and open a space of collective reflection on what it means to be human.

The Aliens come from a planet ruled by THE GREAT LOBSTER. Their mission is to gather data for THE MINISTRY to have a better understanding of the various types of life in the universe.

They do not carry names, feel emotions or understand linear time and logic. Coming from a completely different context outside human logic, they carry a childlike curiosity and wonder towards the species and beings they encounter. They are there to learn and be amazed.



Katharina von Sohlern


Katharina von Sohlern
Marilou Pelmont
Zazie Elyne
Ania Rok
Ramon Sediqui
Benedikt Keßel
Lisa Wahl
Tami Quass
Laurin Assfalg
Judith Siehring

past performances

Sisyphos, June 2023


Fusion Festival 2023


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