with Jamila &
the other Heroes

The Grandmother of the Universe

Always a beloved friend of the group, the singer Jamila Al-Yousef invited Heart Chor for their first Fusion gig at Arab* Underground Stage in 2018. From then on, several collaborations arose. In 2018, Heart Chor performed with Jamila & The Other Heroes in Kater Blau as an opening act and featuring choir. In 2019, Heart Chor featured on their debut album Sit El Kon (The Grandmother of the Universe) in the songs Farashat and Khalas! The Umbilical Chord. To top it off, Heart Chor opened for and performed together with Jamila & The Other Heroes' release concert in YAAM with a full house.

About Jamila & the other Heroes

Jamila & The Other Heroes is a wild Berlin-based band from anywhere that creates PSYCHEDELIC DESERT FUNK to make you fly. Leading the band is the vibrant Jamila Al-Yousef. Born in Berlin on the day the wall came down, and raised by her influential Palestinian refugee father, Jamila’s cultural activism and strong will to positively change the world is drawn deep into her artistic expression.

While racist agitation is increasingly becoming acceptable in many circles of our society, the five musicians have made it their mission to break down prejudices towards people with histories of migration and asylum and make the abundance of cultural diversity more visible and audible. The dance floor Jamila & The Other Heroes create is a breeding ground for people to meet and practise togetherness - the musicians’ response to the currently operating exclusion mechanisms of our time. The message of the band is simple: “All of us can be Heroes! Let’s discover our superpowers and make the world a better place.“


Photo by Carolin Saage

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