It was the lockdown-winter 2020. We no longer could sing together. We were tired of zoom-rehearsals and craving for creativity. So we met at NEEEU studios and recorded our voices, one member at a time. One after the other, the members of Heart Chor finally let their inner diva shine again during a ventilated shoot respecting the lockdown rules.

Long hours of post-production brought individual hearties back into psychedelic dreamworlds singing as one voice and inspiring to silly dancing!


Sebastian Dráb

Performance and Voices

Heart Chor


Danilo Timm

Camera & Direction

Danilo Timm & Filip Rutkowski


Elias Doré

Show Me Love

by Robin - composed by Allen George and Fred McFarlane

Rhythm Is A Dancer

by Snap! - composed by Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti and Thea Austin

Freed From Desire

composed and by Gala

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